The best things to do in Antalya

The best things to do in Antalya

There are many things to do and see in Antalya.

The best things to do in Antalya

The best things to do in Antalya

Take a break from the historical Roman walls and breathe the preserved historical streets within the hotels including everything along the coast. There are many things to do and see in Antalya.


The landscape around this city is full of beautiful and historically significant monuments and your exploration should be top of your list of things to do in Antalya - and it's enough to keep you busy for days.

The ruins of Perge, the former capital of the Asia Minor region Pamphylia Secunda, are an incredible example of Roman architecture that still exists in the area. Most people come to see the imposing Great Theater and the two unusual gate towers that protected the entrance to the city at that time.

There is a massive stadium, one of the largest and best preserved in the world, which is the most exciting part of a trip to Perge.

It was built for 15,000 spectators to watch quad races. All you have to do is sit on the bleachers and imagine what it must have been like in one of these epic competitions.


About 40km from Antalya, the ruins of the ancient city of Aspendos are another valuable day trips. The most incredible sight is the best-preserved theater of its kind dating back to 160-180 years.

Visiting the ruins of Aspendos is just one of the amazing things to do in Antalya.

So that you can discover this monument, stand on the top step, climb to the wide rows of seats and experience what it's like to watch a performance here. Here you will witness eight thousand people are fascinated at the same time.

Within a short distance, you can also see awesome aqueducts that once supplied water to the city from nearby mountains. Take your guide and book a combined Perge and Aspendos guided tour. You will learn a lot about these places and you will lose yourself in history.


Taking a short boat tour or strolling along the shores of Antalya is the best way to reach the region's most popular natural attraction: Duden Waterfalls are formed at two impressive falls, feeding from a river that stretches from the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Lower Düden is best tracked from the ship, from the cliff and its arrival to the sea, while the Upper Düden, located 15km outside of Antalya, can be reached by car or local bus.

Upper Düden, like a cave that cuts behind the water curtain, opened a natural deep passage from the rock. For an extraordinary view of this waterfall, you can enter the cave behind the waterfall and watch the waterfall from here.


Remaining of limestone cliffs on the edge of the main harbor, Kaleiçi, which is the old settlement of Antalya, is a well-preserved place by Turkish authorities and a great place to relax in the afternoon. Do not miss Kaleici while visiting Antalya.

Here, different cultures, habits and religions are found shoulder to shoulder, including the Yivli Minaret Mosque, which is a beautiful building, which is intertwined with the Roman ruins, which is surrounded by its giant, 13th century minaret.

There are many small shops and markets to buy souvenirs and even a Turkish carpet in and around Kaleiçi!

At the same time, while visiting Kaleici, you will have no choice but to sit in one of the cafes around the historical streets and stop at the Antalya Archeology Museum for a cultural place.


Köprülü Kanyon National Park is one of Turkey's largest white-water rafting spot about 90km away from Antalya.

Home to the longest canyon in the country, this park is an incredible place for white water rafting and one of the most adventurous things to do in Antalya.

Köprülü Canyon, which is the meeting point of rafting enthusiasts from Class I (novice) to VI (specialist), can also touch pine forests, cypress and cedar trees, increase adrenaline with water flow, even some foxes, wolves. Or you might even encounter a flock of bears. If you plan to spend more than an afternoon here, you can also go to the campsites or restaurants next to the river.


Antalya is famous for being an incredibly natural region with its coastline that starts from the city center and runs parallel to the Taurus Mountains.

Konyaaltı and Lara are the main beaches that can be reached from the city; While Konyaati stretches 7 km west, Lara is on the east side of the city and is close to the brightest holiday resorts of the region.

If you want to escape the crowds, Kaputaş beach, which is a three hour drive from Antalya, is perfect for windsurfers and is the most suitable place to get away from the city.

Antalya also hosts a wide range of luxury holiday hotels. With various accommodation, swimming pools, gymnasiums and their own private golden sandy beach area, these hotels offer guests access to a wide variety of services.


The most fun part of the visit Turkey is to taste the delicious local cuisine is to try to give these calories then go to the beach to swim. If you don't prefer swimming, you should do this on foot. The Lycian Way, which stretches along the 540km road to Fethiye, starts just outside the city center of Antalya.

It packed with sea and ancient ruins, both offering panoramic views of the mountains, covering the span of the Turkish countryside 29 days Lycian Way, Turkey is the most adventurous methods to discover the coast and is one of the world's longest walk.

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