About Us Hana Travel

About Us

Hana Travel Tourism Company was founded to create special products and travel services in thetourism industry and become a member of Turkish Travel Agency Association (TURSAB) A-4899 and Ministry of Transportation D2.07. 1390.

Our company under Hana Travel brand has grown up today to be Antalya's most popular and preferred Private & VIP transfer company. Today, with the Headquarters, Airport Operational Offices, the educated team producing solutions and our own 45 different types of Mercedes brand vehicles, Hana Travel became the leading company in Antalya with private transfer services. Also, along with the provision of an alternative product that may be needed during the Antalya holidays for disabled guests with special mobility needs with Mobilityturkey brand.

Tefenni Villas Brand is also providing nested alternative accommodation service with nature in ecotourism branches in Turkey it is one of the rare companies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most suggested transfer company in all regions of Antalya by individual travelers, families or special groups and become the first preferred provider for corporate business partners in Antalya

Our Mission

Our company places customer satisfaction at the center of its activities and attaches importance to the guests' opinions, thoughts and comforts on their travels, combine the cheapest, the most punctual and the best quality service with modern vehicles, Hana Travel is the most suggested transfer company in “Turkish Riviera“ Antalya.

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