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Mobility Scooters

Deluxe Mobility Scooter

The Deluxe Scooter is 4 wheel in-outdoor use with extra comfort max:130 kg from 20,00 € Book Now

Compact Mobility Scooter 2

Compact Mobility Scooter 2 from 17,00 € Book Now

Compact Mobility Scooter

Clients requiring the easy drive & comfort, in-outdoor holidays max:105 kg from 17,00 € Book Now

Compact Mobility Scooter 3

Clients requiring the easy drive-comfort, in-outdoor holidays max:130 kg from 17,00 € Book Now


Power Electric Wheelchair

Power Chair from 20,00 € Book Now

Electric Wheelchair (Standart)

Electric Wheelchairs from 17,00 € Book Now

Electric Wheelchair for Kids

Child Wheelchairs from 17,00 € Book Now

Manual Wheelchair

Manual Wheelchairs from 15,00 € Book Now

Beach Wheelchair

Beach Wheelchair from 17,00 € Book Now

Multi Shower Wheelchair

Multi Shower Wheelchair & Wc from 15,00 € Book Now

Shower wheelchair (Type 1)

Wheel Shower & Wc from 10,00 € Book Now

Shower Wheelchair (Type 2)

Shower Wheelchair from 15,00 € Book Now


Walking Frames (Without wheel)

Walking Frames from 10,00 € Book Now

2 Wheel Walker

2 Wheeled Walker from 10,00 € Book Now

4 Wheel Walker

4 Wheeled Walkers from 10,00 € Book Now

Walking Cane With 4 Legs

4 Ayaklı Yürüyüş Bastonu from 10,00 € Book Now

Extra Mobility Aids

Electric Hoist for Disabled

Electric Hoist from 20,00 € Book Now

Electric Medical Bed

Electric Medical Bed from 20,00 € Book Now

Commode Chair

Shower Wheelchair & Wc from 10,00 € Book Now

Monkey Pole

Hasta yatağı tutunma kolu from 10,00 € Book Now

Pressure Relief Mattresses

Havalı Yatak Pedi from 10,00 € Book Now

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Portable Wheelchair Ramps from 10,00 € Book Now

Hand Bed Rails

Engelli Yatak Korkuluğu from 10,00 € Book Now

Disability Care Service

Hasta Bakıcı Hizmeti from 70,00 € Book Now

Accessible and unforgettable holiday for all disabled

It would be a good start to remind that all individuals are potential candidates for disabilities. Being disabled does not mean an unused limb in our body. It is a kind of disability in elderly people who are losing their mobility. That's why we'll all be disabled one day and we live by carrying this potential right now.

In parallel with the increasing tourism movements in the world, holiday needs of disabled people and their families also are increasing accordingly. In this context, new steps are being taken in order to ensure the more effective participation of people with disabilities in social life. International organizations, local governments of the countries are working with new projects every day to involve disabled people in every moment of life. We are aware that these are not yet fully enough. But we also accept that these steps are promising for the future.

Today, accommodation facilities are making major changes to accommodate disabled guests in a more comfortable and accessible environment. Disabled accessible rooms of the hotels are designed again in accordance to the use of an individual wheelchair users. In particular, they make their bathrooms accessible to wheelchair users. Disabled guests only need to find a shower chair by themself.

Apart from this, medical electrical beds, Pressure mattresses, electric Hoists for disabled and beach wheelchairs especially suitable for beach use are provided by the hotels and the users themselves. This type of service provides a more comfortable holiday for disabled guests. Furthermore, knowing that such services exist, encourages disabled people and their families to participate in tourism activities.

In addition, historical sites, tourist attractions and streets are being restored to facilitate the travel of wheelchair users and the visually impaired.

It is very important for disabled or elderly individuals to have a barrier-free holiday and to travel more comfortably, peacefully and safely. We are also improving our services and taking new steps to enable disabled individuals, their families and loved ones to be comfortable at the beginning of their holidays, during their holidays and on their return. For an unobstructed travel and vacation, we remove all obstacles.

With our specially designed, wheelchair accessible minivan adapted with a lift, we take all necessary measures to ensure that our disabled or elderly guests can go to their hotels comfortably and safely and we perform airport transfers without any problems. By providing holiday facilitating products for disabled, we ensure that they benefit maximum from their holiday and hotel where they stay. We recreate Antalya as a barrier-free holiday destination.

However, wheelchair users will no longer be stuck in their hotels. We organize unforgettable Antalya city tours, ancient cities, aquariums, waterfalls, museum visits and many other activities that can be visited by wheelchair user guests with professional guides. They are all accessible tours and visits.

We guarantee an accessible room for hotel bookings. In case of need, we offer patient care services for disabled guests.

From the beginning to the end of your holiday, we are ready to do all necessary for a  barrier-free holiday by removing all the obstacles in front of your holiday.

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