The best lakes of south of Turkey

The best lakes of south of Turkey

The best lakes of south of Turkey

The best lakes of south of Turkey

The best lakes of south of Turkey

These lakes are excellent campgrounds, but some are a bit remote. The easiest way to get around is to rent a car in the closest city center and head back into town for hiking, camping, or just sightseeing.

The lake area in the Mediterranean area of ​​Turkey consists of the Acıgölsee, the Akgölsee, the Akşehirsee, the Beyşehirsee, the Burdursee, the Ebersee, the Eğirdirsee, the Gavursee, the Çavuşçu-See, the Işıklı-See, the Karamık-See, the Karataş- Lake and Kovada Lake, Salda Lake, Suğla Lake and Yarışlı Lake.

Lake hopping is actually quite possible in most cases, as many of them are close together and the roads between them are often quite good. This district is a great place to spend a long weekend or longer.

Lake Salda:
 What makes Lake Salda really special is just how isolated it really is. Every year, crowds of tourists go to the beaches of Antalya. But Salda feels much more untouched by human life.

There are a few picnic benches, but actually no cafes or restaurants. Just bring your food and drink and spend the day in the beauty of this incredible place - and of course don't forget to take a dip in the cool water!

Salda is a crater lake, and one of the reasons for its refreshingly cool waters is that it's shockingly deep - probably the deepest in all of Turkey at nearly 200 meters. But people swim for more reasons than just for pleasure.

This mineral content of the lake also makes it interesting to scientists, as it is believed to resemble the surface lakes found on the planet Mars.
Overall, Lake Salda is one of Turkey's undiscovered gems.

Lake Egirdir:
Sun loungers, pillows, bean bags and parasols characterize this sunny lake, which also offers showers and changing rooms to attract beachgoers. You can also camp right on the beach at the specially designated campsite, which makes it a real beach experience.

Even the breakwater that makes the island accessible is interesting. As it is a breakwater, as you cross it you will find that one side of the water is choppy while the other is perfectly calm.

The lake features freshwater perch, trout and carp, which fishermen catch on the shores of the lake and sell directly to you or to nearby restaurants. The bass is usually cooked in a sauce that is only available in Eğirdir. So make sure you get the special sauce bass when you go!

Lake Burdur:
Bird watchers, we have the vacation hotspot for you! Burdur is a salt lake and one of its characteristics is that it does not freeze. This makes it an absolute winter bird watching paradise, and many birds move here during the winter months.

The salty waters are also home to rare fish, with the Burdur tooth carps or Sureyan killifish endemic to the lake and endangered in the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the fish thrives in the lake and is even available in restaurants in the area. It feeds on a form of crustacean found only in Lake Burdur and known as Arctodiaptomus burduricus.

Lake Beyşehir:
Beyşehir Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Turkey and another bird-watching paradise in the Turkish lake area. Many major bird species make this their home at any time of the year, and the 33 islands in the lake all have different species and feel.

The sunset views over the lake are especially famous as the red of the sun is shaded by birds flying and stunning natural surroundings.

The lake is surrounded by the Beyşehir National Park, which protects both natural beauty and wildlife. The lake's beaches are 100% natural with local sand and there are cafes, restaurants and picnic benches for visitors.

Eber Lake:
Like many other beautiful lakes in this region, the Ebersee is a bird sanctuary. In 1989 it was declared an "Important Bird Area" by BirdLife International. And one look at the lake is enough to see why it almost looks like a meadow from afar, with reeds floating in it, forming hundreds of tiny islands for birds to land and feed on.

Canoeing is more popular than swimming in the Ebersee, but canoeing around the lake and observing the wildlife make for a really wonderful day.

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