Professional Health Care Tourism in Turkey

Professional Health Care Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the 10 favorite countries in the world for health care.

Professional Health Care Tourism in Turkey

Professional Health Care Tourism in Turkey

Turkey, a growing center of attraction for health tourism with its trained human resources, improved services and affordable prices, aims to increase revenues and treat 2 million people in the coming years
Improved services with advanced technology, skilled experts and affordable prices have recently made Turkey an attractive destination among world citizens seeking treatment. The country has achieved significant momentum in healthcare tourism, offers a wide range of services and generates income. After taking care of 1 million people for health tourism, Turkish health workers, who focus on the tourism aspect of the sector, now want to welcome 2 million people in the coming years.

Health tourism such as 'going to treatment countries to restore health to another country', adding that the person going to another country for treatment is also called a 'health tourist'.

Noting that health tourism consists of three elements: "The first of the three main issues in health tourism is medical tourism (treatment and surgery in hospitals, etc.), the second is thermal tourism (rehabilitation and rest in thermal facilities, etc.) and third is tourism for the elderly and disabled (long stay in geriatric treatment centers and highlands with social activities). "Emphasizes that the health sector in Turkey has experienced major breakthroughs in recent years and that the quality and efficiency of the health system have improved.
Turkey is attractive in health tourism due to its geographical location, health institutions, trained workforce in the sector, thermal springs and natural beauty.


Emphasizing that Turkey is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey can be reached by air from many countries in a short time. With doctors and health professionals speaking foreign languages, the tradition of hospitality from our past has been successfully combined with an understanding of medical tourism.

Rheumatic diseases are widespread in Northern European and Scandinavian countries, mainly because of the climatic conditions, so that the thermal tourism from these countries is greater.

According to health, the decision of some private insurance companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to cover the costs of their patients they send to Turkey for heat treatments represents an important market share of thermal tourism in Turkey. In addition, the number of health tourists attracted from Middle Eastern countries has increased significantly as a result of visa waivers, convenience at the borders and political and cultural relations.

By pointing out that one in seven patients comes to Turkey for eye disease treatment and prefers Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara, Turkey is helping to save 50-60 percent on health spending. Turkey is also preferred because of the very favorable costs of heart surgery and aesthetic procedures. Patients from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and some Arab countries who come for dental implants and aesthetic dental practices are satisfied with successful treatments in Turkey.

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