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Popular Caravan Spots In Turkey

Popular Caravan Spots In Turkey

Turkey offers you beautiful and charming places where you can camp or park your caravan.

Popular Caravan Spots In Turkey

Popular Caravan Spots In Turkey

Traveling with the caravan means freedom for most people. With the caravan you can travel to the most undiscovered and untouched places without being tied to anything. Turkey offers you beautiful and charming places where you can camp or park your caravan. Picturesque spots where you can discover countless historical, cultural and natural wonders that feed free spirits! Get ready to see the beauty, springs, beaches, ancient cities and much more of Turkey while enjoying the freedom of your caravan, including the best caravan spots to park.

Balıkesir, Kazdağları;
Spend a holiday full of nature, adventure, eternal forests, mythological stories and legends at the caravan campsites in Kazdağları, one of the world's most natural and oxygen-rich places on earth.

Bolu, Yedigoller (7 lakes);
With its unique natural beauty, Yedigölller (7 lakes) is a fascinating camping spot where you can imagine yourself in a fairy tale. You will see all the colors that belong to nature at this camping pitch for caravans. At Yedigöller, (7 lakes) you can camp in all seasons. This place is also the ideal location for those planning long walks.

Antalya, Kas;
Enjoy the beautiful sea view that awaits you when you wake up in the morning. Camping pitches by the sea are plentiful in this charming tourist resort. Steps away from the sea, discover the beauty of ancient cities, local delicacies and the pristine bays of Turkey.

Nevşehir, Cappadocia;
Discover the historical beauties of the region, the wine cellars, the unique sunset and the departure of the balloons that color the sky in the early morning at this beautiful camping spot in Cappadocia.

Muğla, Akyaka;
This Caravan camping spot in the Akyaka district of Muğla is one of the most favorite places in the spring and summer. Check out the unique views of the campground that bring together the greens and blues. You can also take long walks through the pine trees and go to the beach.

Karabük, Yenice Forest;
If you are an adventurous naturist, an excellent hiking trail awaits you at the caravan camping sites in Yenice Forest. Due to its natural structure, Yenice is suitable for all kinds of nature sports such as mountain climbing, rock climbing and rafting. You can also find a quiet and peaceful walking or cycling tour among the natural beauties in the hiking trails.

Artvin, Borçka Karagöl (Lake Borçka);
Don't miss this opportunity to merge the shades of green in Borçka, an ideal caravan site by Artvin. Perfect for nature lovers! Rent a boat on Karagöl. Take a walk and admire the beautiful views around you. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Afyon, Frig Valley (Phrygians Valley);
The vast geography of this area was founded 3000 years ago by the Phrygians cut through houses, castles and monuments. It is truly impressive and beautiful. Take a private journey through history on these 400 km long hiking and biking trails that pass through ancient roads used by the Phrygians. Do not forget to visit the surrounding villages.

Burdur, Salda Gölü (Salda Lake);
Salda Lake, which is a freshwater lake, is very inviting with its unprecedented white beach and clear water. The Salda Lake also offers its guests unique shades of turquoise blue. With a depth of up to 84 meters during the spring and summer months, it is one of the deepest lakes in Turkey. Don't miss the chance to swim!

Antalya, Olympos;
Feel like a mythological hero as you visit the caravan site at Olympos on the south coast of Turkey. Descending from the hills of Olympos, which carry the breeze of the winter climate, you will encounter the turquoise color of the Mediterranean Sea among the lush pines and cedars.

Bitlis, Nemrut Crater Lake;
Come and see the second largest in the world and the largest crater lake in Turkey. The Nemrut Crater Lake is a wonderful caravan place to rest and calm your soul. It is located on top of the extinct volcano Nemrut Mountain. Cruise the lake during the day and sit by a campfire to gaze at the stars at night.

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